Locking the keys in the car, a good look

Getting my provisional license was a dream come true. Finally I had the freedom to do what I like, to go where I choose and to be exactly where I wanted. The world was at my fingertips and there was no going back. I’d spent the past two years of my life saving my pennies [...]

Science project mishap results in carpet cleaning appointment

Our science project was due in two days time and my project partner Nathan was at my house for a study afternoon. We wanted to put the finishing touches on our project and get it looking really good. We had built a giant volcano that was set to erupt in class. We’d made colourful lava [...]

My wife and my mother were cremated

I want to be cremated because that is just how my culture does it. I do not have huge culture; it is really more of a family and community thing. I guess culture is just a large version of community, which is itself a larger version of a family. I Love my family and when [...]

Genuine apologies to the caterer from the bride

I knew that it wasn’t the most graceful thing to do, and that a bride should never leave her guests unattended, but I just had too. The woman from event event catering Melbourne had handled my wedding amazingly. The food was fabulous and there was not one single complaint. They hadn’t got a single thing wrong [...]

I’m a big girl now Mum, get the painters in here!

My daughter Nina, was growing up so fast. She had just had her eleventh birthday and was very quickly turning from my little girl, into a young woman. I couldn’t believe how quickly it was all happening. I was talking to my sister about the whole thing; she’d already had three kids by the time [...]

Sitting in the office, about to go ahead with the novated lease

I couldn’t believe how excited I was. i hadn’t had anything like this to look forward to in a long time. I had just been offered a deal with vehicle finance and my work, to get a car loan at a discounted rate. It was such a great offer and the fact that I had [...]

Family arguments over the drain repair appointment

Sitting at the dinner table tonight was extraordinarily awkward. My brother had been in hiding all afternoon after completely ruining the kitchen sink. He had devised some mixture from baking goods that was to set like concrete. For some reason, my brother considered the kitchen sink to be the best place to test out this [...]

In the final moments I want to be in a wedding dress

I don’t really know that much about the life of my husband before I met him. I don’t really care, because all that I care about is our future. I care about how things are going right now. I care about what is going to happen to me and my own when I find out [...]

I wish that I could have been in security

I have always wanted to help people. I never really knew what that meant until a little while ago. I thought that it was easy and that all I got to do was walk around famous people and try to stop fans from getting autographs. I didn’t know how much of this job is so [...]

Father’s impulses lead to towing company booking

I had to convince my mother somehow to allow my father to buy another rally car. He had always been into racing and before I was born had his own rally car. Apparently my father used to race every weekend with his best friend in the navigator’s seat. My mother had made Dad sell his [...]